Cognitive shuffle: Fall asleep in 15 minutes flat with this technique

Do you have trouble going to sleep at night? This method may help you when you’re trying to hit the hay.

Slipping into a deep slumber isn’t easy for everyone. In fact, an increasing number of people are finding it incredibly difficult to calm their mind and get good quality sleep. There are so many things that prevent us from getting the rest we need, from stress, to the screens we look at.

Luc Beaudoin, a specialist in cognitive sciences, has developed a neat trick that is guaranteed to make you fall asleep in 15 minutes. It’s called the cognitive shuffle.

What is the cognitive shuffle technique?

Do you find it impossible to switch off your brain when you're in bed? Are you repeatedly thinking about your worries and problems? Luc Beaudoin explains that this habit prevents you from falling asleep. He explained:

People who continue to think analytically at bedtime, and who want to solve a problem at all costs, delay falling asleep.

He has devised a technique that will slow down the brain, enabling you to reach a state of peace that will then help you doze off. It’s a method that gives your mind enough material to concentrate on, without letting you think about anything stressful.

How do you do this technique?

Here are the five steps you must follow:

  • Lay down in the position you think is best for falling asleep.
  • Close your eyes and visualise a letter of your choice. For example: F
  • Choose a word that begins with the letter you have selected. This word should not evoke any stress, anxiety, or strong emotions. Try to choose a chord word that is short, like 'field'
  • Think of another word for each letter in the word you first chose. F for flower, I for ice, E for energy, L for love, and D for dirt.
  • Visualise the words clearly in your head and allow your brain to completely relax.

Repeat this technique until you’re fast asleep.

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