Cancer: Definition, Causes And Types

Cancer is a disease characterized by the presence of a malignant tumour. What are the different cancers and what do we know about this illness?

Cancer: Definition, Causes And Types
Cancer: Definition, Causes And Types

Definition: What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal cell proliferation, or malignant tumour, formed from mutation, transformation or genetic instability of an initially normal cell. Sometimes cancer cells invade surrounding tissues, or break away from the original tumour to migrate to other areas of the body, this is called metastasis. That is why it is important to detect cancer as early as possible to avoid this spread.

The majority of cancers take several years to form and can occur at any age. However, they are most commonly found in people aged 60 and over. The symptoms are very variable from one person to another but also depending on the type of cancer and its stage.

Causes: Why Does Cancer Appear?

The causes of cancer remain highly variable depending on the type of cancer. However, it is accepted that some types have an important genetic component such as breast cancer. According to estimates, 5 to 15% of cancer cases are hereditary.

Research has also revealed the important role of so-called "environmental" risks in the occurrence of cancer. These factors tend to promote or accelerate the development of tumours. Age is one of the important criteria: the risk of cancer increases as one gets older. However, cancer can occur regardless of the age of the individual. Nearly two-thirds of cancers are related to lifestyle habits including smoking, diet, and the environment, which includes pollution, handling of toxic substances, etc. . Some cancers are also associated with microorganisms, including viruses.

Different Types Of Cancer

There are a number of different cancers, each with their own symptoms and which can affect various parts of the body. Among the most common cancers are:

- Skin cancer

- Breast cancer

- Colon cancer

- Prostate cancer

- Lung cancer

- Liver cancer

- Stomach cancer

- Bladder cancer