Boris Johnson Hospitalized While Continuing His Battle Against Coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had revealed in a post on Twitter 10 days ago that he tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. He took the test after having experienced symptoms, including fever and persistent cough, for some time.

Unfortunately, according to the statement from Downing St. last night, the PM has continued to struggle with the symptoms and has been admitted to the hospital for further testing and monitoring.

Johnson, despite his recent hospitalization, remains in charge and continues to run the government as he has done since he started self-isolation 10 days ago. However, if Johnson's condition worsens, Dominic Raab, the first minister is expected to run the country in his stead.

Some of those around Johnson have also tested positive for the virus including members of his staff. His pregnant partner Carrie Symonds also claimed she was experiencing symptoms of the virus however said that she was getting better over the weekend.

While Johnson was admitted to the hospital for testing it does not mean he is in any serious danger as of yet. Certain tests that can only be done at the hospital will give further clarification to his condition in an effort to determine whether he is simply fatigued from battling the virus or if there is a more immediate cause for concern.

According to Dr Ken Sepkowitz, a medical analyst for CNN and Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, blood-testing of oxygen levels done at the hospital can determine "several more variables of lung function and might indicate whether he is just fatigued and spent, or actually in some danger,".

Britain on a whole was a little late to the party regarding self-isolation, social distancing and even testing measures regarding the coronavirus when compared to its European neighbours. The country is quickly trying to catch up in order to ensure the containment of this virus that is now affecting the entire world.

U.S. President, Donald Trump made a statement wishing for the speedy recovery of the UK PM, check out the video above to see what he said.


Prime Minister Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit at St. Thomas' Hospital in London after arriving at the hospital Monday. Though little has been shared about his exact conditions, it has been said that he is conscious and was moved to the ICU should he need ventilation to aid in his recovery from the virus.

First minister Dominic Raab has been deputized where need be and will chair the government's daily meetings regarding Covid-19 to continue the ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

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