AstraZeneca applies for express approval of drug to prevent COVID

It could be a big step in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic: AstraZeneca applies for fast-track approval of a COVID drug.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus may only be the first step in the global fight against the pandemic. Great hopes also lie in the development of a drug against the virus. Good news in this regard comes from AstraZeneca.

US emergency approval applied for

AstraZeneca is now applying to the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval of a newly developed drug against the coronavirus.

The drug is not to be used to treat COVID-19, but for antibody prevention. If approved, it would be the first COVID drug of its kind in the world.

Study shows strong efficacy

In August, AstraZeneca had already caused a stir with positive study results. According to the study, the drug reduces the risk of developing a severe form of COVID by 77 per cent.

Especially for immunocompromised people, the drug could be a real hope, as AstraZeneca vice-president Mene Pangalos explains:

Vulnerable groups of people, for example immunocompromised individuals, often do not show sufficient immune response after vaccination and therefore remain at risk of being exposed to a severe Covid course.

Supplement to vaccinations

The drug is not intended to replace COVID vaccine. However, it could be a useful supplement. Pangalos further explains:

[With this drug] we are one step closer to protecting ourselves from Covid-19 beyond vaccination.
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