Aeroplane: Why you should never sit by the window

The window seat is usually the seat of choice for many air travelers, yet according to these experts, it is far from ideal.

Aeroplane: Why you should never sit by the window
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Travelling with your head pressed against the window, what better way to see the landscape from above? But even if it attracts most aeroplane travellers, this window to the sky has a drawback, and it is not insignificant.

Closer to the Ozone

It is true that the window seat saves you from the (unbearable) disturbance of people going to the toilet or wandering the aisles of the plane, as well as offering a pleasant view with a headrest. But you might want to reconsider these advantages, after the tips shared by the Travel Hackers, the aeroplane comfort specialists on TikTok.

But, this coveted window seat on the aeroplane is not without risk, according to these experts. And for good reason: the glass allows UV rays to penetrate, damaging the skin through the window.

Dr. Sweta Rai of the British Association of Dermatologists expressed to Sun Online Travel:

The window next to you on a plane may be small, but on a flight of tens of thousands of metres you're closer to the ozone layer, so the rays are much more damaging there.

Recommended sun protection

However, the Cancer council downplays this risk, stating that there are still too few studies on the subject to be able to state the health risk. That said, observations show that pilots and cabin crew have twice as many melanomas as other people.

The Cancer Council said:

Ultraviolet radiation increases with altitude, and while some commercial aircraft windscreens allow a small amount of ultraviolet radiation to pass through, new aircraft windscreens provide almost total blockage.

So, a simple recommendation to avoid any adverse effects on the skin should be sun protection.

The experts conclude:

We should all wear sunscreen when we fly. If you use a daily moisturiser with an SPF of 30 or more, you have nothing to worry about.
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