A young boy has 526 teeth removed from his mouth

A seven-year-old boy visited the dentist due to jaw pain, and the reason behind his aches undoubtedly shocked everyone: he had 526 teeth.

Anybody who has dreamt that their teeth are falling out knows it is a real nightmare. One of the most common interpretations of your teeth falling out in a dream has to do with personal loss. But a seven-year-old from India didn't just dream of losing teeth, he actually lost 526 teeth! Yes, you read that right. 526 teeth! On the plus side, he probably received a lot of coins from the tooth fairy.

494 extra teeth

One seven-year-old boy from India stopped by Saveetha Dental College and Hospital due to immense pain in his jaw. Upon investigation, dentists discovered that the boy had 526 teeth in his mouth. For the most part, unless you lose a tooth from injury or sport, adults have 32 teeth. Math shows that the poor boy from India had 494 extra chompers. How did all those teeth even fit in his mouth? It's hard to imagine. We can't even fathom the pain the boy went through, either...

His jaw started swelling when he was 3

Why did it take his parents so long to take him to the hospital? He obviously didn’t grow 400 plus teeth overnight. Well, it turns out that the boy’s jaw started swelling when he was three, but he refused to go to the hospital.

Do you want to see an X-ray of the boy’s mouth before he got his teeth removed? Take a look at our video for fascinating (and somewhat disturbing) pictures of the boy’s mouth before his X-ray, and the lovely design the dentists created with the removed teeth!

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