A study reveals how alcohol affects our emotions

According to who you ask, each type of alcohol they drink will elicit a different kind of emotional reaction – we all know someone who claims tequila brings out a different side of them.

A study reveals how alcohol affects our emotions
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Some researchers have studied the exact link between emotional response and your drink of choice, and they’ve come up with some very interesting conclusions...

To obtain these results, the British Medical Journal conducted a mass survey of 30,000 people, ranging from 18-34 years old across 21 different countries.

Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that describes their feelings when they drink different varieties of alcohol.

According to respondents, wine and beer possess more calming and relaxing qualities, whereas spirits like vodka bring about confidence (among 60%) and finding oneself sexy (among 40%), which was not the case with beer consumers.

However, strong spirits seem to provoke aggressive feelings among nearly 30% of subjects, irritability in 27%, and even unhappiness in 22%.

Get to know how you are when you drink each – it may help you down the line.