A patient's brain lining was pierced by mistake when a PCR test went wrong

A PCR test recently conducted on an American woman turned into quite a catastrophe. Keep reading to find out more about this scary story.

A terrible accident

As the planet is currently preparing for a second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, millions of people are getting tested in order to protect themselves as best they can and keep others safe at the same time.

Among the several tests available on the market, PCR tests are at the top of the list. They might not be the most comfortable option as a result of that famous long rod that needs to go quite high up your nose, but they are nevertheless quite good at detecting whether or not a person is carrying the virus.

In the United States, an article published in the JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery medical journal revealed that an American woman started leaking cerebrospinal fluid through her nose following a mistake made by the staff when she was having the famous test done. As the article revealed, the test pierced the wall of her brain by mistake.

A poorly performed test?

One question was on everybody’s mind: Was the test carried out properly? Jarrett Walsh, who later examined the patient, could not give a definite answer but one thing is for sure, the testing staff have to be very vigilant and careful when carrying out these tests.

Dennis Kraus, an American ENT specialist, shared his opinion on the matter:

It underscores the necessity of adequate training of those performing the test and the need for vigilance after the test has been performed.

An unusual medical background

Unfortunately, the patient had developed an encephalocele, which means that the brain's lining was protruding into her nasal cavity. This could justify why the test went wrong and fortunately, the problem has since been resolved.

Are you planning to get tested in the next few days? Well, good luck!

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