A 44 kg tumour in his leg forced this man to undergo a major surgery

A man in India developed a colossal tumour on his leg after a car accident. In desperation, he visited several hospitals to find a way to remove it.

Twelve years ago, Amit Kumar got into a horrific car accident. While it was nothing short of a miracle that he survived, he developed a tumour after his operation that left him unable to walk.

How did the tumour develop?

According to the New York Post, after his dreadful car accident the 40-year-old man had gotten surgery on his groin. It was then that his lymph nodes got infected. The media reported that he developed a tumour that is 121 centimetres wide and weighs 44 kilograms.

It is said to be a case of lymphatic filariasis. According to the World Health Organisation, the condition is ‘commonly known as elephantiasis and it is a neglected tropical disease.' It occurs when the filarial parasites responsible for the disease are transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. WHO adds that:

The visible, painful and severely disfiguring manifestations of the disease, namely lymphoedema, elephantiasis and scrotal swelling, do not appear until later in life and can lead to permanent disability.

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Recovering from the condition

Indeed, Amit Kumar was unable to walk and had to be bedridden for ten years because of his tumour. He had reportedly visited many doctors to find a way to remove it but to no avail.

Well, that was until he visited the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Patparganj.

On 22 February this year, their surgeons performed lympho-venous anastomosis (LVA) on his leg—an operation to ‘create a surgical connection between the lymphatic vessels and veins in order to drain the lymphatic fluid into the circulatory system.’

The operation was a success and after many many years of suffering, Amit Kumar can finally walk independently again.

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