7 benefits of the quarantine you may not have thought of!

This week, total confinement and social isolation measures were introduced to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than moping around, check out these 7 advantages of confinement!

Several European populations are now confined in order to avoid as much as possible the propagation of the Covid-19 causing virus, and yet, there are some advantages that come with this confinement. Even if you think that the quarantine will seem never-ending, staying at home is still the best thing you can do to keep others safe. And you will see that other benefits can come from it as well!

1. Take time for yourself

This confinement is also an opportunity to take care of yourself. You are confined to your own home, so take advantage of it to make masks and other homemade care products for your body, face or even your hair. There are many beauty recipes you can make yourself with what you have in your pantry.

2. Stay active

Confinement doesn't mean letting yourself go. Quite the opposite in fact! Even though the snacks will now always be in reach, it is recommended that you maintain physical activity. If you don't feel like taking a risk by running outside, opt for free courses, or free trials, that are available online. On the program? Yoga sessions, muscle strengthening, and meditation. Plan on 30 minutes of physical activity every day. You'll see, you'll feel much better.

3. Try new recipes in the kitchen

With this pandemic, you have had to stock up on groceries, and since restaurants are closed and deliveries are being reduced, this is your chance to perfect your cooking skills. No more excuses, it's time to dust off your cookbooks and get started. For example, you can make your own homemade bread, homemade pizza dough, and even homemade butter. In short, anything is possible!

4. Read books

This confinement is also the ideal time to put down the screens, and start reading books and magazines and immerse yourself in the world of literature. A digital detox which will make you feel good.

5. Binge-watch your favourite TV shows

Confinement is also an opportunity to re-watch all the episodes of your favourite series, but also to discover a new series. Are you working from home? Look on the bright side: you can watch an episode during your lunch break. Not bad, right?

6. Getting organised

And yes, confinement also allows time for organising and sorting out your closet space. Set up a schedule with the tasks that need to be done during the week. For example; Monday is for tidying up the bedroom, Wednesday is for the kitchen, and Friday is for the living room. A tidy and healthy home gives off good and positive vibes, making you will feel better.

7. See how strong your relationship is

Finally, it is obvious that staying at home with one's partner is a test of how strong your relationship is. However, you should respect each other's personal space and freedom so as to avoid driving each other crazy. In short, these days in quarantine will be a real test for your relationship.

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