3 Golden Rules for Drinking to Avoid a Hangover the Next Day

A night out is fun... the morning after, not so much. If you want to make sure you feel fresh the next day, just follow these tips. You’ll see, it’s not that complicated.

You've probably heard just about every tip and trick about how to dodge a hangover the morning after a big night out. So to help you determine fact from fiction, here are our 3 essential rules to follow if you want to wake up the next morning feeling as fresh (or as fresh as you could be, given the circumstances).

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

It’s always smart to have something to eat before you start drinking because food slows down the speed the alcohol gets into your bloodstream. So, if you drink on an empty stomach, your alcohol level will only take 30 minutes to reach its peak, whereas it would take an hour if you had eaten something, which is quite a big difference.

Taste your drinks

When you start drinking an alcoholic drink, the first sip is usually the most intense in terms of taste and smell. As the night goes on the drinks keep flowing, the flavour will slowly become less and less intense. Be aware of this, as this is a sign that your taste buds are full and that you may be reaching your limit.

Remember to drink water

We all know that alcohol dehydrates the body. But although a large part of it is eliminated by your liver, your kidneys also play an important role. However, in order to function properly, your kidneys need a lot of water! So if you want to be able to eliminate all that alcohol from your body, remember to drink water regularly. Small bonus: this will keep your hands busy for a few minutes which is always a positive when you’re drinking…

Drinking one beer a day could be ‘very good for your health’ Drinking one beer a day could be ‘very good for your health’