25 people severely intoxicated after swimming in this public pool

25 people were taken to the emergency ward, on Monday March 21st, from a local swimming pool called, Aquabecool, in the city of Martigues, Bouches-du-Rhône.

Twenty-five people were taken to the emergency ward in Martigues hospital this Monday morning, following poisoning in the local pool called the Aquabecool, as reported by BFMTV Marseille.

Mass poisoning in the pool

The observation of 40 firefighters dispatched to the scene, it took sixteen truck vehicles made available by the brigade after the alert was given, to take charge of the people affected, according to Morandini.

According to the firefighters present in the Aquabecool swimming pool, the chemical accident took place as 'the intoxication came from improper handling of cleaning products.' The poisoning in this relatively large pool is due to the misuse of highly toxic products. Twenty-five people are affected, including three in life-threatening condition.

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How to react to poisoning?

This type of incident is very rare, but in the event of a chemical problem, the precautions to be taken must be immediate.

In case of feelings of suffocation, runny nose or irritation of the upper respiratory tract, it is strongly recommended to contact the emergency services when the signs do not go away on their own.

Above all, it is recommended, in the event of inhalation of chlorinated vapour, to immediately leave the scene of the incident. These are usually swimming pools, since their maintenance requires the substance of several chemicals. These mixed products can be extremely harmful to health, as indicated by the Centreantipoisons.be website.

In addition, people with asthma or allergies who experience these symptoms are advised to seek medical attention immediately.

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