111-year-old shares the disgusting secret to his long life

Australia's oldest resident has just turned 111—and recently revealed his secret. However, most people will find it rather disgusting...

Retired cattle farmer Dexter Kruger recently turned 111. To celebrate this momentous event, the world's oldest living Australian reveals the secret of his long life.

111-year-old swears by peculiar delicacy

He is not the only centenarian who is asked about his elixir of life. One woman swears by Coca Cola, another is convinced that a life without men has given her a long life.

The former farmer and veterinarian Dexter Kruger has developed a strategy all of his own. As Kruger revealed to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. in an interview, eating a certain poultry delicacy every week is puportedly behind his impressive longevity:

Chicken brains. As you know, chickens have a head. And there's a brain in there. And they're quite delicious little things. So small, just a morsel.

The secret to a long life: a weekly chicken brain

Kruger's 74-year-old son Greg credits his father's simple outback lifestyle for his longevity. And nursing home manager Melanie Calvert also thinks that Kruger, who is writing his autobiography, is 'probably one of the smartest residents here.' She said:

His memory is amazing for a 111-year-old.

John Taylor, a co-founder of the Australian Book of Records, confirms that Kruger has become the oldest Australian man ever. The oldest Australian woman ever confirmed was Christina Cook, who died in 2002 at the age of 114 years and 148 days.

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