Study Finds Reading Harry Potter Can Have This Surprising Effect On Young People

If you think of yourself as a Potterhead, be proud, because it seems that it means you’re a more tolerant and open-minded person than most.

The Harry Potter saga will never die! A recent study claims that if you’ve read the J.K. Rowling novels, you’re a more tolerant person.

Harry Potter makes you a better person!

Published in the American scientific magazine ‘The Journal of Applied Psychology’, the study known as ‘Harry Potter’s Greatest Magic Trick: Getting Rid of Prejudices’, claims that by reading these books, readers develop their open-mindedness and no longer harbour prejudices about other people. At least this is what is explained in the study that says, 'reading the Harry Potter saga considerably improves how young people view others who have been mistreated in the past, such as immigrants, homosexuals or refugees.'

This tolerance apparently comes from the main character, Harry Potter, since the young wizard is thrown into a universe full of people and magical creatures that are different. Researchers claim that the protagonist tries to understand these creatures and 'appreciate their difficulties'. In other words, this behaviour encourages readers to be tolerant of others by trying to treat them like equals.

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The Harry Potter saga therefore isn’t just a simple fiction story, but a masterpiece that promotes better behaviour.

Anna Wilkins
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