Here Is A Cheap And Easy Recipe For Anti-Hair Loss Oil

Would you like to have beauty products that are more respectful of your skin, the planet and which are cheaper? Maybe you should start making them yourself.

Here Is A Cheap And Easy Recipe For Anti-Hair Loss Oil
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Who has never hoped to slow down hair loss? Everybody has, men and women alike. After the recipe to make your own shaving cream, deodorant and beard oil, here is a recipe to makeyour own anti-hair loss oil.

Like most homemade recipes, you won't need much time, ingredients or money.


50 ml of castor oil

50 ml mustard oil

30 drops of essential Atlas cedar oil

30 drops of essential rosemary oil

The recipe:

In a small bottle, pour the vegetable oils in one by one

Add the 60 drops of essential oils

Close the bottle and mix it all together

Your oil is ready to use

You can use your homemade oil twice a week, before you shampoo, by depositing the equivalent of a teaspoon onto theroots of your hair.

For these 4 ingredients, put aside about £10. Note that you can reuse them to redo this recipe, or make new ones.