Lidl is selling this games console for less than £35

If you’re looking for an affordable gaming gift or something to get the whole family having fun together this Christmas, Lidl may have just what you need–as they’ll be selling a games console with 200 games included for just £34.99 in the Middle of Lidl from Sunday 6th December.

Included in the new drop of tech gifts coming to the Middle of Lidl on Sunday 6th December is a family games console priced at just £34.99. The Lexibook is an interactive console that connects to the TV and has motion remote controls–a bit like the Nintendo Wii. The console comes with two remotes and a two-year warranty.

Lexibook usually sells the low-priced console for £59.99 so the Middle of Lidl price is a real bargain. Plus, the console comes loaded with 200 games so you don’t have to shell out on expensive games on top of the console purchase price. Games include tennis, bowling, skiing and beach volleyball as well as other non-sports games.

Is the Lexibook console any good?

The Lexibook games console has mixed reviews online–whilst many buyers say the product is great fun for kids and excellent value for money, some complain that the picture quality and graphics aren’t great and others say it’s tricky to work out how to play some of the games.

If you’d rather stick to bigger brand consoles, the best price we could find online for a new Nintendo Switch was £264 from Digital World Solutions whilst the Nintendo Switch Lite is available from £185.24 on OnBuy. Meanwhile, you can currently buy a pre-owned Nintendo Switch from Game for £249.99.

What else is coming to the Middle of Lidl?

Also included in Lidl’s new range of tech gifts is a 24” HD-Ready Smart LED TV for just £129. For gamers there’s also a £34.99 Gaming Starter Kit which includes a mouse, mousepad, headset and keyboard. There are also a number of ideas for budding musicians, including a Beginner’s Keyboard for £19.99 or an Electronic Drum Kit for £49.99.

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