Fortnite has announced a subscription service for exclusive in-game goodies

Another season ofFortnite is finally on its way. And this time, Epic is also releasing a subscription service for exclusive in-game items called Fortnite Crew.

A new season ofFortnite will soon be arriving and alongside it, Epic is also launching Fortnite Crew, a subscription service that will maximise your gaming experience.

The new service will be launched on December 2nd and users will be able to score themselves exclusive in-game items.

Fortnite Crew is set to cost just $11.99 per month so that’s about £9 per month and includes a ‘monthly pack’ as well as 1,000 bonus V-Bucks every month.

Each pack is set to include one outfit along with one matching accessory such as a pickaxe or an emote. And, all Fortnite Crew pack items are exclusive to the subscription service. So, if you want to get your hands on some cool new goodies then you really should sign up. Epic also noted that pack items ‘will never be sold or given away to non-Crew members’.

The subscription also includes a Battle Pass for the full season and withFortnite Crew, you’ll receive all future Battle Passes as well!

Of course, if you already purchased your pass for next season then don’t fret as Epic will refund you 950 V-Bucks to your account.

While the subscription service is a little more pricey then a plain old Battle Pass, if you’re serious about Fortnite and looking to really elevate your experience then this is definitely the way to go.

So, make sure your head to the item shop or Battle Pass purchase screen to sign up to access to Fortnite’s best new features!

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