2 years later, has the long-awaited Harry Potter RPG finally been unveiled?

2 years after some footage was leaked, the Harry Potter RPG project is in the spotlight again. The Avalanche Software studio is at the centre of this rumour, and is said to be 'hiring for a game that will soon be announced...'

The Harry Potter franchise was a huge hit when it was in cinemas, and could be again soon, either with the original saga, or with the Fantastic Beasts series which will soon be back for a third instalment. However, the young wizard's adventures have been more complicated when it comes to video game consoles. We all remember the more or less successful video game adaptations of the different films in the series, but no video game has really done Harry Potter justice yet.

Harry Potter's big return

The last time we came across the universe of J.K. Rowling on a console was for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the adaptation of the final film. After that, we were only treated to a few games on smartphones, like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an augmented reality game developed by the same company, Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go.

In 2018, Harry Potter fans thought the time had finally come for the big game when footage from a Warner project was leaked. The AAA RPG, classified as an open-world action-adventure, would put us in the shoes of a Hogwarts student, and the title featured all the elements that RPGs hold dear, such as class selection, customisation and a fighting system adapted to the universe. But since then... nothing more was heard.

Fans can rest assured: this mysterious game may be a long way from being truly dead. Indeed, we have learned that the Avalanche Software studio, to whom we owe the Disney Infinity series of games in particular, is currently hiring for a game that should be announced soon. What's the link? For several months now, a strong rumour has been circulating about a Harry Potter game being developed by Avalanche Software, especially since the studio is now owned by Warner Bros... which holds the rights to the Harry Potter franchise.

It is impossible for the moment to be 100% certain, but a Harry Potter RPG could be the next big appearance of the famous wizard on our consoles. Especially since, if it is indeed the same project, it promises to be quite epic. Entitled Magic Awakened (or Magic Forever), this Harry Potter RPG would be endowed with a rather colossal budget for a video game. In the same vein as Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the title would be an AAA, action-adventure with an open world setting. We would have probably gotten more information at a gaming event such as E3, which was canceled unfortunately due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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