World's Strongest Man "The Mountain" Thor Bjornsson Makes Shocking Revelations About His Steroid Use

In an ESPN documentary, Thor Bjornsson admitted that he has used steroids in the past. Not a very good look for the World's Strongest Man.

Game of Thrones’ return for its final season has not been beneficial for everyone. One of the cast, Thor Bjornsson, has admitted to having used steroids in his career as a strongman.

The information came out on a documentary on the strongest athlete in the world’s life. In front of the ESPN cameras, he responded honestly with “yes, I’ve taken them”. “When you want to become the best, you do what you need to get there,” he explained as a justification.

Statements made in 2017 and no positive drug test

Although this may make the world of strongmen and his most faithful supporters react, we should first put the story into context. These images, which have just been broadcast for the first time, were recorded in 2017, before his World’s Strongest Man title and his two victories (and records) in the Arnold Classic

Thor Bjornsson remained very evasive, even embarrassed about this story about steroids. “Can we move on from these questions?” the Icelander asked the journalist in the documentary. What’s more, he has never missed a single drug test, and all of them have come out negative.

All this would lead us to believe, then, that this happened at the start of his career, well before his 5 European titles. It remains to be seen whether one day the one we call The Mountain will want to talk about this period again or not. While we wait, we’ll carry on believing that if he hasn’t lost a competition for two years, it’s because of something else.

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