Why Maisie Williams Should Dicth Her Boyfriend
Why Maisie Williams Should Dicth Her Boyfriend
Why Maisie Williams Should Dicth Her Boyfriend
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Why Maisie Williams Should Dicth Her Boyfriend

By Rob Mitchell
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While episode 3 of the last Game of Thrones season delighted all fans, it was obviously a disappointment for... Maisie Williams’, aka Arya Stark, boyfriend. Could this be a reason to break up? (Warning, spoilers ahead).

On 29th April, Game of Thrones fans had the pleasure of watching episode 3 of the final season. A long battle which was hailed by critics, and which ended with the death of the Night King. Humanity was saved from the White Walkers thanks to the courage, dexterity and ingenuity of a character: Arya Stark.

And if the girl has become, in everyone's eyes, a heroine and a (very) serious contender for the Iron Throne, her performance obviously didn't please everyone... starting with the boyfriend of Maisie Williams, the actress who plays Arya.

The actress’ doubts

In an interview with the Entertainment Weekly magazine, the actress revealed that she had doubts about the script proposed by the creators of the series. ‘I immediately thought that everyone would hate this scene, that they would think that Arya doesn’t deserve it,’ she said. And she obviously couldn't count on her partner, Ollie Jackson, to reassure her. ‘I told my boyfriend and he said,”Mmm, should be Jon though really, shouldn’t it?”’ she said.

A slightly misogynistic opinion, and not quite clairvoyant with regard to Jon Snow's performance during the Battle of Winterfell. Especially since the writers assured that they had already been planning that Arya would be the one who would get rid of the Night King once and for all for 3 years.

This remark from Maisie Williams' boyfriend even made internet users say that the actress should simply... leave him!

See the video to find out more!

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