This Game Of Thrones Actress Just Made A Shocking Revelation

Starring in Game of Thrones is not always easy. Many actors and actresses have received many criticisms, some have managed to cope with them, others have seen their lives turn into a nightmare.

Growing up in front of a camera is not easy. Some child stars do not recover from their celebrity status and fall into depression or even worse. At the age of 14, Sophie Turner is what is known as a ‘child star.’ From her teenage years on, her career took a phenomenal turn, putting her in the spotlight.

The nightmare begins

The young teenager received many criticisms about her physique and her acting. As she went through puberty, her body changed and fans could see this on screen. They did not hesitate to leave comments on the various social networks, where they openly judged the girl. During her appearance on Dr. Phil's show, the actress admitted that she is gradually getting her head above water - you can find the passages from her interview in the video just above. For the past 6 years, the actress who plays Sansa Stark has been fighting depression. She even admits to having thought about suicide several times. Thanks to therapy, treatment and the help of her fiancé, Joe Jonas, the beautiful blonde is able to raise her head and gradually has begun to love herself.

Growing up in front of the camera in one of the most famous series in the world is far from being as cool as some may think. We must not forget that behind each character we see, there is a real person who has feelings and fragility. Respect is essential in any field, and this must not be forgotten.

This Game Of Thrones Actress Says The Show 'Saved' Her From Her Former Career This Game Of Thrones Actress Says The Show 'Saved' Her From Her Former Career