These Are The New Series That Could Fill The Game Of Thrones Shaped Hole In Your Life

That’s it, that’s the end. The moment, much feared by fans, has finally arrived. Game of Thrones is over, leaving viewers alone and abandoned. Check out the video to get a glimpse of the series you should check out next!

Game of Thrones has been setting the tempo for fans for eight years now. At a rate of one season per year (except for the eighth), viewers have loved watching the different families tear each other apart in search of the Iron Throne.

But all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately Game of Thrones is no different. The series has just ended, and the world doesn’t know what to watch now. However, there are a number of promising series which will come to the fore after this phenomenal saga.

The Lord of the Rings

Announced by Amazon Prime over a year ago, the series in the Lord of the Rings universe could well and truly put Game of Thrones to the back of our minds. The story should take place before the Fellowship of the Ring saga, and focus on Aragorn’s youth. This series, planned for 2021 with an enormous budget (bn), is one of the only ones which can truly claim to dethrone Game of Thrones.


Faced with the passion elicited by Game of Thrones, it’s difficult for HBO to raise the bar even higher. However, we haven’t seen the last of the subscription-based TV channel. By bringing out season 3 of Westworld, HBO is attempting to once again win the hearts of its fans. The story is much more futurist than that of GoT but is worth the change. At the top of the bill, we find Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel. It’s looking very promising for the channel just waiting to be discovered in 2020.

The Witcher

It’s very controversial because of its choice of Henry Cavill as the leading actor, but Netflix series The Witcher is getting people talking. Fans of the video game have been waiting eagerly. The fantasy universe should come onto our screens in just 8 episodes. See you in 2020.


HBO continues to surprise us. After announcing the return of Westworld, it’s Watchmen’s turn to make its great comeback, but this time on TV. The film Watchmen was a real masterpiece of the cinema, and is famed for addressing the superhero world in a different way. There’s no concrete information as yet about the series. It could be an adaptation of the comic, or a prequel or sequel for the film. Betting’s open until Autumn 2019!


This is the last series in terms of planned release date for HBO. It’s J.J. Abrams who takes the wheel and takes up the challenge of bettering Game of Thrones. We don’t know a lot about the story at the moment, except that it will be based around a young lady in a fantasy universe. Contraband will focus on a worldwide battle against an oppressive, monstrous force. Very few details have been divulged; we just have to be patient!

Rest assured, even though Game of Thrones is over, the wheel of television series won’t stop turning! If none of these tickle your fancy, check out the video above for some more!

A New Game of Thrones Spinoff Series About The Targaryens Is In Development A New Game of Thrones Spinoff Series About The Targaryens Is In Development