The Teaser For Game of Thrones Episode 4 Has Just Been Released

The Teaser For Game of Thrones Episode 4 Has Just Been Released

The battle of Winterfell is over and the survivors now have another goal: to defeat Cersei's army which is holed up in the capital, to end it all at last.

Episode 3 of Game of Thrones Season 8 probably featured one of the most epic battles ever broadcast on television. The Battle of Winterfell saw several central characters die, but others have survived and must now focus on bigger things.

Cersei prepares for her battle

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The survivors in the North must first pay tribute to their dead, and Daenerys' actions on the battlefield seem to have earned her the respect of those who were sceptical when she arrived. Only Sansa still seems extremely suspicious and the tension between the two women is likely to increase even further in episode 4, and Daenerys and Jon should also finally have a discussion about their relationship.

In the capital, Cersei gathers her army and seems confident of her victory, probably having learned that a large part of Daenerys' army had been decimated in Winterfell. However, the young woman still has two dragons left and still seems determined to conquer Westeros. Episode 4 of this season is expected to last 78 minutes, more or less the same length as the previous episode.

Check out the video above for the teaser trailer for episode 4! 

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