Here's Your Survival Guide To Avoiding Game Of Thrones Spoilers When You Can't See The Episode Straightaway

That’s it, the first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 has just come out, and a war on spoilers has been declared.

Lots of fans couldn’t face getting up at 2 in the morning to watch the live broadcast of the episode which means the start of this final season – and we understand that. If you’re one of these “normal” people who are going to watch the episode this Monday evening, here’s a little survival guide to avoid seeing spoilers during the day.

Avoid social media

Nowadays, social networks are an integral part of our lives. It’s therefore very difficult to cut them off for a whole day. The best solution is still to avoid them as much as possible. Don’t watch Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook stories, which can’t be hidden easily. When you’ve seen them, that’s it, there’s nothing you can do. We’ve also found you a few little tools which will allow you not to see the plot before you decide to do so. On search engines, the tool “Unspoil” (compatible with Google Chrome) helps you to mask keywords which you have recorded beforehand. In this box, put “Game of Thrones”. Thanks to this extension, all articles or Facebook posts, what a treat! If you still want to play with fire, you can reveal the content which is hidden by the tool.

Another application which can save your life for the day is called “GameofSpoils”. Thanks to this tool, there’s no longer any need to put in keywords since it works on its own: all the terns relating to the series will be hidden from view.

You should also see that on Twitter (thanks to the following step) you have the possibility of choosing whether certain keywords will appear in your timeline or not - so you can mute Game Of Thrones keywords.

Cut ties with your friend who talks too much

After making all these changes to avoid the slightest spoiler when you’re surfing the web, remember one thing: silence is golden. If you have friends who talk too much, avoid them! A spoiler can slip out all too quickly during a conversation… Be vigilant with those around you and try not to start a conversation about it. To sum up, don’t play with fire! There are also ill-intentioned people who get a sly kick out of giving spoilers to the people around them. If this type of “sadist” hangs around with you, take precautions. Try to hide their Facebook profile in advance and unfollow their other social network accounts. Your innocence depends on it.

Don’t wait too long to watch the episode

Not everybody has the strength to get up at 2AM to watch the episode live, but you shouldn’t hang about too long either. Spoilers are “allowed” the day after the broadcast, so don’t complain if you hear spoilers then, it’s normal! As seasoned Game of Thrones spectators, you’ve been waiting for this episode for a long time, as has everyone, so you “have to” see it on Monday evening, like everyone else. Past this deadline, all spoilers will be allowed, so watch out!

If you still hear or see spoilers with this survival guide, then luck isn’t on your side. To help you to relax and wait for this evening, we have prepared a little compilation of the best Game of Thrones bloopers in the video above!

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