GoT Showrunners Reveal One Character Was Never Supposed To Die In Season 8

Game of Thrones has just bowed out, leaving a multitude of fans feeling bereft. The most newsworthy series has been talked about a lot recently, notably because of its ending - which didn’t please everyone.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones has broken the hearts of its fans, judged to be too short, rushed and poorly scripted. The anger of those watching was so great that a petition had been started to remake the season in its entirety.

One death could have been avoided

When we watch Game of Thrones, we must expect everything but especially we must expect to lose one or more characters along the journey. If season 8 is a real slaughter, some deaths could have been avoided. Especially, one character in particular.

Jorah Mormont could have and even should have survived. According to the showrunners, the fate of the knight who served Daenerys was not supposed to be so gruesome. Originally, he should have been beside Jon Snow when he left for beyond the wall, in the final scene of the season. However, the gallant knight died in the arms of his sweetheart a few episodes before. Why did they choose to kill him? Simply put, it was logical. With Daenerys becoming completely mad, it was impossible for the scriptwriters to make it so that Jorah ended up beyond the wall – he would have followed his queen at all costs until her demise.

A “happy” death

The actor, Iain Glen, said that he was happy with his character’s death, for him, he had followed his convictions by defending his queen as he had promised. “there’s something sweet with the idea that in the end he will never know what she’s done [in episode 5]. It’s probably for the best. It’s a blessing for him to not have been there.”

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