Game Of Thrones' Night King Reveals Intriguing Season 8 Spoilers

Game Of Thrones' Night King Reveals Intriguing Season 8 Spoilers

The actor who plays the great villain in the Game of Thrones series has released a very important piece of information concerning the last season at a recent convention in Hungary.

Has the 'Night King' given away a major spoiler on Game of Thrones Season 8? During a conference dedicated to the series that was recently held in Hungary, the Slovak actor Vladimír Furdík, who embodies the disturbing Night King since season 6, made a statement that is likely to spark a controversy in the next days...

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While the majority of fans expected that the great war between the dead and the living, announced as the highlight of the last season, will come in the last episodes, Furdík surprised the fans by saying this little phrase: 'In the third episode of the last season, there will be a battle that the creators have imagined as a historic moment of Television.'

A few words that were enough to set fire to anyone's imagination. Because if THE ultimate battle of Game of Thrones comes in at mid-season (this eighth season will only have 6 episodes), what could possibly happen in the 3 episodes after that, that are supposed to conclude a 10-year-old story followed by millions of fans around the world? The answer will have to wait until April 2019...

• Oliver Davis
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