Windows 10: Google users warned of bug that exposes their web history

A new bug that can expose entire web history and steal personal data could attach themselves to files during a download.

Windows 10 users are being warned to be extra vigilant when downloading files on the Google browser, as a terrifying bug that can expose users’ web history has been identified.

The Crypto Bot

The warning follows the discovery of an advanced version of a dangerous bug known as CryptoBot. The fortified bug is now capable of installing malware that can steal user info onto Microsoft-powered PCs.

Users’ web history and personal details such as credit card info can be handed over to hackers once the bug is installed. Experts say users can unintentionally install the updated version of the notorious bug when looking for free downloads of pro software, games and movies.

The bug has also got better at stealing data from Google’s popular Chrome browser, used by an estimated 2.65 billion people around the world. The security team at Ahn Lab, explained the risk posed by the CryptoBot:

CryptBot is an infostealer that is usually distributed under the disguise of web pages that share cracks and tools. The distribution pages are exposed at the top of the search result page of search engines such as Google, so the risk of infection is high, and the number of relevant detection cases is also relatively high.

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The cost of free things

The team also warns that the malware is constantly being updated to get past security features on the web, compromising the latest Chrome browser update.

CryptBot is one of the most actively-changing malware with its distribution pages constantly being newly-created.

As bugs become more sophisticated, users should be more serious about protecting their data from falling into the hands of hackers, and one way to do this is by avoiding sites that offer access to pirated software or premium games for free.

Remember, cheap thing can be expensive and apparently so are free things on the internet.

Google: Chrome users asked to upgrade browser after a dangerous security breach Google: Chrome users asked to upgrade browser after a dangerous security breach