While in quarantine, you can watch movies with your friends remotely with this Netflix app!

With quarantine being implemented in more and more European countries, spending time with friends has of course been affected. But Netflix has invented a tool to keep binge-watching with friends, even remotely!

Many countries have now taken drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, which will last for several weeks more at least. These measures include confinement of the population, under house arrest most of the time. So inevitably, social ties will be somewhat impaired. That was before Netflix introduced its new tool.

An extension for watching movies with friends

During the pandemic, everyone thought they would have to give up on evenings with friends, and watching and discussing movies with them, and find other things to do to pass the time. But Netflix has the solution with Netflix Party, a handy and useful Google Chrome extension. With it, you can connect multiple Netflix accounts to watch programs simultaneously from a distance.

Installing Netflix Party on Google Chrome

Using it is simple. Just add the Netflix Party extension to Google Chrome, and go to the Netflix app. Launch your video, click 'Start the Party,' and share the link with your friends. You can then enjoybinge-watchingmovies and series with your friends, and you can pause or fast forward simultaneously while commenting live with a built-in chat. The perfect opportunity to discover season 1 of Netflix's most popular series at the moment: The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill.

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