These are the apps you need for your smart TV

Did you just purchase your first smart TV? If so, congratulations! Looking for the best apps to add to your new screen? Don’t worry. We can help you out.

What should you do after purchasing your first smart TV? You need to download apps to help enhance the total digital experience! The following apps will be the perfect additions for your TV’s foundation.

Let’s start with the most obvious addition: Netflix. You can’t have a smart TV without this popular video-streaming app! It’s fun and all to watch Netflix on your phone or computer, but your favourite movies and TV shows will look so much better on the big screen.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay $9 per month for the basic plan, which doesn’t display shows at their full resolution. A premium plan costs $16 per month, and it’s so worth it.

Okay. Moving on to less obvious apps! If you like to exercise or want to start working out more, we advise downloading Daily Workouts to your TV. It’ll be much easier to follow the exercises on a big screen rather than your computer screen. It sucks having to awkwardly turn your head to see the next move, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, both Android TV and Apple TV owners can use the app for free. So no excuses! You can always upgrade to the Pro edition for more workouts for just $20.

Is your TV near your kitchen? If so, you need to download Kitchen Stories. This cooking guide unveils recipes along with video clips and photos to help display the steps. The best part? This app is free for both Android TV and Apple TV.

Do you love tracking the weather? Stay up to date with AccuWeather. This app provides detailed updates without a weatherperson. Plus, the video forecasts look super good on a smart TV. Want to download more apps for your TV? Take a look at our video for other suggestions.

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