The Queen's gold-plated Wii is for sale on ebay

For a time, Queen Elizabeth II could boast a 24-carat Wii console. The console is now up for auction on the eBay resale site.

People really love to put gold on everything. Well, there is a Wii console that is also covered in layers of gold. A console with no less than 24 carats on the counter and reserved exclusively for Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. As you might expect, this console is a unique item, and will not be available to anyone else. Well, almost... It seems that buyers are very interested in this little marvel, as it is now up for auction on eBay.

A vintage console worth its weight in gold

To understand how this inordinately precious entertainment system came to be, we have to go back to 2009. At the time, THQ had pulled off a major PR stunt for its game Big Family Games: the publisher ordered a premium version of the Wii, complete with this game, for the Queen herself. Though the console, originally intended for the Queen, has likely never been in her hands. It is likely that the royals' staff rejected the gift. For this reason, a collector by the name of Donny Fillerup seems to have had it in his possession in 2017.

Gold Wii for Her Majesty up for sale on eBay

To make ends meet, the collector sold Elizabeth II's console, as evidenced by his bid. A bid to auction the console, which started at $300,000 (£215,500). Punters were quick to put their credit cards on the line. It remains to be seen how far they will go to get this console. To echo this little tidbit of video gaming history, regular consoles also remain elusive, as the worldwide shortages for PS5s continue.

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