Bremont releases watch that come with bits of Stephen Hawking's desk inside

Right on time for the holiday season! If ever you were looking for gift ideas, or perhaps a sweet new addition to your existing collection, Bremont just came out with an exclusive range of watches in memory of Stephen Hawking.

Bremont Releases Watch That Comes With Bits of Stephen Hawking's Desk Inside
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The collection, fittingly named, the Bremont Hawking collection, is made up of 4 styles ranging from stainless steel to white gold. Only 388 stainless steel and black dial, 88 rose gold with black dial and 88 white gold and blue dial pieces will be made; the numbers referencing the year in which Hawking’s 'Brief History of Time' was published. And for the first time ever for the luxury watch brand, a complimentary women's line will be introduced with only 88 pieces available.

Each component has a reference to the late cosmologist

Each Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch is made up of 4 wooden discs inlaid into the back of the watch sourced from the desk at which Hawking pondered the mysteries of the universe. The chronometer also contains some meteorite to symbolize the cosmos which can be seen at the centre of the striking hand-finished closed case back, as well as an etching of stars from the night sky in Oxford, on 8th January 1942, the date that Hawking was born.

The watch’s serial number is printed on paper from original copies of a 1979 seminal research papers in which the great thinker sought to understand the thermal properties of black holes.

Prepare to spend a hefty amount

Although you will be rocking a supremely unique timepiece that very few can say they own, it'll also set you back £8 000 for the quantum and stainless steel styles and a whopping £18 000 and £19 000 for the rose gold and white gold styles respectively.

However, part of the proceeds from every single watch that is sold will go directly to the 'Stephen Hawking Foundation' which facilitates cosmological research as well as support for those who live with Motor Neurone Disease in memory of Hawking himself.