Watch - DJ’s Strange Dance Moves Cause Quite A Stir At Tomorrowland Festival

One of the most awkward moments of 2018 was caused by Salvatore Ganacci, a Swedish DJ who caused a stir (not necessarily in a good way) at the Tomorrowland Music Festival.

The Tomorrowland Music Festival was held from the 20th to the 29th of July 2018 at the De Schorre provincial recreation area in Belgium. DJ Salvatore Ganacci played the main stage during the first weekend and turned a one hour show into something more…unusual.

An unusual, and annoying show

Already on the scene in 2017, Salvatore Ganacci (whose real name is Emir Kobilic) went at it again this year, and created quite an uncomfortable situation. As can be seen in the video, his playlist does not seem to be going over very well with the audience, who are more surprised by his outrageous dance moves. Throughout his performance the DJ busts out several zany gestures and ridiculous dance moves. Between twerks, belly dances and ‘the worm,’ people couldn’t believe their eyes! We haven’t even mentioned him stopping the music to watch his hair blow in a fan. This bizarre behaviour is in a way his signature, since he has been known to do this kind of thing at each of his shows.

Despite his unconventional performance, Salvatore Ganacci still has a successful career in the music industry, which is surprising since his Tomorrowland set did not go over so well. The 30-year-old has collaborated with Major Lazer, known for the summer hit ‘Lean On.’

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