She Was Posing In A Bikini On The Beach When Something Stole Her Spotlight

This video exceeded 18 million views and for a good reason. Have you seen it?

What seemed like a mere photo shoot at the beach ended up going around the world. These images immediately went viral due to the funny, but above all, unexpected appearance of someone who definitely wasn't meant to be the star of the show.

While the model was flaunting her impressive red bikini and banging body, behind her, there was a scene that made many social media users smile.

On top of that, the girl seemed totally oblivious to what was happening behind her, which made the situation even funnier. In the end it was all about the curves, a debate that fired up social networks.

The video is so popular that it has already been viewed more than 18 million times. Still haven't seen the video? Well, hit play now if you want to end your day with a smile!


Ruby Smith
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