He Selfishly Took Up Four Parking Spaces - But Soon Regretted It...

He Selfishly Took Up Four Parking Spaces - But Soon Regretted It...

Fabio Silva is one of those people that we love to hate in car parks because they take up more than one space with their car. But he doesn’t just take up two spaces, he takes up four! Check out the video above to see what happened when his fellow motorists took their revenge...

The habitants of Spalding, in Lincolnshire, UK, know Fabio Silva and his white car. And this is not necessarily for good reasons. This is because, in the car park in front of his house, Fabio Silva takes up four places at the same time.

Why? To stop “idiots” from damaging his ten-year-old white Seat Leon that is currently worth 10,200 euros on the market. The man has honestly explained himself on Facebook: “There is nothing wrong with taking up four spaces instead of one. When you spend a lot of money on your car, you will understand. I’m sorry but I won’t leave it to chance that an idiot could come and damage my pride and joy.” After seeing this grandpa destroy 10 cars as he leaves a car park, we can understand Fabio’s point of view.

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He’s received a lot of not very nice messages on social media such as “Tell him to get better insurance”. But Fabio Silva doesn’t care about that. The only thing he cares about is his Seat.

Check out the video above for more! 

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