France's Newest Street Innovation Is Both Hilarious And Game-Changing

Finally, a clean and environmentally-friendly way to relieve your bladder in the street without looking like an animal.

Peeing in the street in a clean, legal and environmentally-friendly way – a dream made reality with the ‘Uritrottoir’! These new-generation public urinals have already conquered the heart of the inhabitants of Nante, but now they are going to be introduced in Paris.

‘The uritrottoir is an intelligent urinal which creates compost and makes plants grow. Unlike in an ordinary portable urinal, the urine is utilised with the aid of filtering through straw, which eliminates unpleasant smells,’ explains Laurent Lebot, co-owner of Faltazi, the company behind the new development.

Once the urine is deposited inside the urinal, it is gathered through straw and turned into compost. Thanks to the large quantities of nitrogen and phosphate naturally present in urine, the compost can be used as fertiliser for the plants.

Four uritrottoirs are hidden in Paris: on the Boulevard de Clichy, on Place Henri Frenay, on the Tino Rossi square and on Île Saint-Louis. A fifth one will soon be set up on Rue Bossuet.

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