You've Probably Never Heard Of Him - But He's The Richest Footballer In The World

You've Probably Never Heard Of Him - But He's The Richest Footballer In The World

Cristiano Ronaldo? Lionel Messi? Yes these are in fact two of the greatest and most reputable footballers in the game right now; however there exists one player who’s richer. It’s Leicester midfielder Faiq Bolkiah – and it’s not even close.

He’s a spry 19 years old and he’s already the richest player on the planet. Faiq Bolkiah is a part of the Bolkiah family from Brunei. Why is this so important? Well, his uncle Hassanal Bolkiah is the Sultan of Brunei, and with that title comes an unimaginable fortune: £14 billion.

His father Jefri Bolkiah is said to own a garage boasting 2,400 luxury cars ranging from Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and Ferraris. They possess a level of wealth so extreme that for his 50th birthday party, his built a stadium. An entire stadium. Of course, you can’t just have any entertainer come in to perform at a venue of this calibre, so naturally he hired Michael Jackson for a cool £12.5 million.

Instead of staying in the family business, young Faiq Bolkiah decided to become a professional footballer: ‘I've played football since as early as I can remember and from a young age I've always enjoyed going out on the field and having the ball at my feet’.

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Since 2016, he’s been sitting in Leicester’s reserves awaiting his time to move up to the league team. Should he really want to, he could always buy the team and put himself on the starting lineup. Currently captain of the Brunei U21's he certainly looks a bright prospect in the Premier League.

Check out the video above for more on Faiq Bolkiah! 

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