World Cup: The 2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds

We know almost all of the teams that have qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Bookies have already opened their bets and some of the payouts surprised us!

Here is an average of payouts across the favourites to take the cup: sitting between 15 and 20:1 odds are Portugal, Italy, and England. To the surprise of many, we find Belgium ahead of them at 14:1 odds.

Now the top 5 consists of the usual candidates. We have Argentina with 8:1 odds and Spain with 7:1 odds. Coming in at 3rd is Brazil with 6:1 odds. Regardless of the fact that the World Cup is often dominated by European teams and South American teams seem to underperform while off of their continent, bookmakers have no problem putting that aside and calling the odds based on pure skill alone.

And finally we have the 2 favourites to take the cup in 2018 coming in at 5:1 odds in Germany and France. The amount of young talent within these two camps seems to prove more than promising for their odds.

Where does your team land in these odds? Are they placed fairly?

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