What Bale Was Doing During Real’s Loss Proves He Doesn’t Have A Future With The Club

The relationship between Real Madrid and Gareth Bale isn’t improving at all, as is proved by what the Welsh player was doing during their loss against Tottenham. Check out the video to find out more!

Since Zidane returned to Madrid, things have become clear. The French manager doesn’t want Gareth Bale in the club anymore and is looking for a way to get rid of him. But Gareth Bale doesn’t want to leave Madrid and his incredible salary of 17 million euros per season.

As a result, the two parties seem to be caught in a showdown that neither are backing down from. Zidane left Gareth Bale on the sidelines for their match against Tottenham and he later justified this choice in a press conference.

‘He didn’t travel with us because he didn’t feel that well. I spoke to the doctors as well and they said the best thing is for him to stay in Madrid.’

But according to the Spanish press, Gareth Bale wasn’t sick at all. El Confidencial revealed photos of the footballer playing golf while his teammates were getting beat by the recent finalists in the Champions League (1-0)

According to information released by Danny Gallagher, journalist for Sky Sports, Bale’s agent confirmed the information.

‘Gareth Bale’s agent confirms that he was playing golf to ‘clear his head’ while Real lost to Tottenham after Zidane said he wasn’t feeling well.’

Clearly the situation isn’t going to get better between Zidane and Bale anytime soon. And although the Welshman categorically refuses to lower his salary, it will be very difficult for him to force the footballer out…

Check out the video to find out more!

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