Two Manchester City stars are in negotiations for the Premier League's Biggest Salary

Major Manchester City players Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling are in the middle of intense negotiations to extend their contracts with the Mancunian club. It seems it all comes down to a salary raise that means the two players would beat a pretty crazy record in the Premier League…

De Bruyne—Sterling, Manchester City's winning duo

This year, Manchester City have set themselves some pretty high goals, of which the main ones undoubtedly will be to win the English Premier League again and finally triumph in the Champions League. And although their season started off quite slow and they were in 10th place after the first 6 games played, their performance was quite simply spectacular in the Champions League, winning 3 out of their 3 games played, including their game against Olympique de Marseille which sparked a wave of mocking tweets about the game performance on Twitter.

To finally win a trophy that so many have coveted for so long, including the club who recently invested more than a billion euros in transfer indemnities, to such an extent that the Mancunian team is one of the most expensive teams in Europe. Pep Guardiola's team will be able to count on its many fantastic players such as Sergio Aguero (who is responsible for quite a controversial incident that occurred with a female referee a few days ago), Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez. And when it comes to Manchester City's top players, it is impossible not to mention the two who have proven to be extraordinary in recent matches: Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling.

A record Premier League salary so soon?

Already having 4 assists since the start of the season in the Champions League, Kevin De Bruyne is definitely one player that the club is incredibly keen to hold on to. Estimated to be worth 120 million in the transfer market, one of the highest rated players on FIFA 21 is a crown jewel that Manchester City will definitely want to keep in their squad, so much so that negotiations to extend the player's contract are set to begin. The Belgian is apparently ready to extend his contract, but under one condition: he wants a weekly salary of 445,000 euros. The problem is that the player's agent, Patrick de Koster, was recently arrested by the Belgian authorities on suspicion of money laundering and forgery. Until the situation has been cleared up, the player will not be able to sign anything.

Unlike with De Bruyne, the Raheem Sterling case should be much easier for Manchester City to manage. The English striker, who has already scored 5 goals and managed 4 assists in 11 games in all his competitions, is the other key player that the club really wants to keep. Negotiations have been ongoing for several months now to convince City to grant Sterling a new salary of 444,891 euros a week. Needless to say, this would be a record for the Premier League.

Who will beat the Premier League drop? Who will beat the Premier League drop?