This Was The Shocking Request Barcelona Made Of Neymar
This Was The Shocking Request Barcelona Made Of Neymar
This Was The Shocking Request Barcelona Made Of Neymar
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This Was The Shocking Request Barcelona Made Of Neymar

By Rob Mitchell
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Barça are still hoping to win back Neymar this summer. And according to information from a French site, the Catalan club is ready to do anything to recruit the PSG player, even with somewhat dubious practices…

It is of course no longer a secret, Neymar is leaving Paris Saint-Germain. While his transfer is far from over, the Brazilian star no longer hides his desire to return to Barcelona, two years after a surprise departure against his release clause of £200 million.

In a bad position when the star first started applying pressure, PSG has taken control of this matter since Leonardo's arrival, even allowing itself to declare that the player would not be held back if there was a sufficient offer, while setting a deadline for his departure.

Barça ready for anything

Despite Antoine Griezmann's arrival, Barça are still hoping to rebuild their famous MSN trio. The Catalan club's first official offer, including money but also an exchange of players, was not enough for PSG, who want much more.

As a result, Barça’s leaders, not the type to let themselves be beaten down, came up with a trick that was not very sporting at all. It was the French site Soccerlink that revealed the information. Apparently, Barça tried to convince Neymar not to participate in Paris Saint-Germain's promotional tour in Asia.

Questionable practices

The objective? To strain relations between the player and the club even more, and to force Paris to sell him and possibly accept a decrease in his price. PSG requires at least £200 million, a sum that Barcelona cannot afford.

This is not a sporting practice at all, but this is not Barça’s first attempt in this area. Ultimately, Neymar decided not to aggravate the situation and accompanied his current club to Asia. Especially since he had promotional obligations with his sponsors that could have cost him a lot of money if he did not respect them.

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