This footballer is now facing a ban after flashing his 'manhood' to the audience

One footballer could now be facing a ban after getting a little too excited and flashing the crown in celebration

Raul Bobadilla, who plays for Club Guarani in Paraguay's Primera División may now be facing a ban after getting a little too carried away.

Clearly pleased with himself after his goal against Libertad earlier this week the man flashed his ‘manhood’ to the audience in celebration.

After the close call goal the man whipped off his shirt and GPS vest but also pulled his shorts down too. However, the referee didn’t actually see the event take place so he managed to get away with it during the game.

The footballer spoke to reporters about his shenanigans, stating he hoped his wife hadn’t seen it (but let’s be honest she probably did):

I regret my celebration. I hope my wife didn't see it. She should remain calm. It's all for her.

Now while the team may have won against Libertad in a close 3-2 score, that doesn’t have seemed to excuse Bobadilla from his actions. Asociacion Paraguaya de Futbol (Paraguayan FA) has now launched an investigation into the incident which could leave Bobadilla banned.

Member of the APF Raul Prono revealed:

We have begun official proceedings, as we didn't receive any written complaints or anything from the referee.

He continued to detail that media reports were what tipped off the APF:

We got information from the internet, newspapers, and tapes, and they led us to this inquiry. We have notified Raul Bobadilla, and he has three days in which to appeal.

If found in breach of the rules Bobadilla could be slapped with a ban.

But, it wouldn’t be the first time this year a player has been banned as a French footballer earned himself a five year boot for biting another player’s penis earlier this year.

However, despite the player from landing the ban this year the incident actually occured back in 2019 in a second division clash between Terville and Soetrich.

The groin munching took place when two players started fighting and a player from the Terville team stepped in to break it up. However, this didn’t go down too well with Soetrich as a yet another player took it upon himself to swoop in and bite his opposition's johnson.

The bitten man was left needing a whopping ten stitches and only four days off work. The Mosellan Football District's Emmanuel Saling commented on the event stating that it didn’t happen during the game but rather in a carpark brawl after the fact:

The events took place after the match, in the stadium car park. There was an altercation, an escalation and things got worse.

He continued to explain that the penis biting incident was one of the more scandalous ones of the few:

It's quite rare to have sanctions of several years, there are less than 10 per year. The case was a bit saucy, but...there must have been some nasty tension, so the smiles on the disciplinary committee quickly faded.
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