This baby's football skills are absolutely nuts!

At less than three years of age, this little boy treats his followers with goals that are each more beautiful than the last. It makes us wonder whether he will become a professional footballer in the future!

A new generation

Listening to the discussions of football fans, the prevailing theory is that if a youngster does not break through before they are fifteen, they can forget about their dreams of becoming a professional football player. This might not be true in all cases, but we have to admit that talent is being found at an ever-younger age, perhaps even when still in the cradle!

Many players under the age of ten already seem to be promising and are being approached by the biggest European teams with the aim of finding one of the future stars of the football world. In order to achieve this, recruiters leave no stone unturned, and even a hint of talent is closely scrutinised.

Small in size, but big in talent

If you are following the main Twitter and Instagram accounts talking about football, you have certainly seen one of the videos of little Noah, who is two years and seven months old. He can be seen scoring beautiful goals while wearing Barça colours.

Accompanied by his father, he is already proving to have a certain skill with his feet, as he scores goal after goal. These have astonished internet users, some of whom could see him turning professional in a little more than ten years.

He is followed by over 29,000 people on Instagram, and we’ll make sure to check in on him in a few years!

Check out the young prodigy in action in the video above!

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