These footballers all smoke despite being athletes

From Fabien Barthez to Zizou, these are all the footballers who smoke. From the occasional cigarette to the real addict, football is full of smokers.

We all know smoking isn't great for our health, and yet some footballers still don't hesitate to light up a cigarette occasionally. This can be a simple luxury from time to time for some of them, for others it is a real cigarette addiction.

Of course, most of them smoke in secret to avoid problems with the medical staff, but also to avoid having a bad image in the press. Smoking is not really part of the package when it comes to professional footballers, nor for top-level athletes in general.

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From Barthez to Balotelli and Marco Verratti, here is a list of all the players who smoke, or were smoking when they were playing. This did not prevent them from succeeding in their careers and becoming great players, however. So there will always be some who are able to get away with it.

By James Guttridge

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