The Worst Blunders By Football Players On Social Media

They're not always as comfortable with Twitter as they are with the ball...

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Twitter has become a must-have for athletes... but it must still be used intelligently! Here are 10 football players' blunders on social media!

Because it's so precious, our favourite is obviously Blaise Matuidi. Just after a great victory in the Champions League, Blaise Matuidi wanted to surprise his wife on Twitter for Valentine's Day. But instead of looking in his own photos, he went directly to Google and took a screenshot, which will go down in the history of football Twitter.

Also cute: the Photoshop modification of Gonzalo Higuain, often criticised for his weight. So he removed a bit of his belly with Photoshop before posting the photo on the network. But nothing escapes Twitter, Gonzalo, nothing!