The Russian Defender Evgeni Chernov Managed The Most Beautiful Line Clearance In History

The Russian defender Evgeni Chernov probably managed the craziest save in the history of football this weekend against Lokomotiv Moscow.

You probably already know this but in writing, we really like superlatives. So, it’s normal, probably because of our optimistic side, for us to describe a goal or a similar action to be the most beautiful thing to have happened that year, sometimes even in history if we get ahead of ourselves. But this time, we’re sure of it!

During the Russian first division match between FC Rostov and Lokomotiv Moscow, Evgeni Chernov decided to use his body to prevent the other team from scoring.

With just a few minutes before the match was over, although Rostov was in the lead with 2-1 on the field at Moscow, the left-back managed an epic save.

In the 18 yard box, the goalkeeper Egor Baburin missed his chance to save the ball when he was jumping to defend the goal from farther away. Chernov managed to get into position and kicked it back which unfortunately returned to another Moscow player, Djordjevic. Alone in the goal, he was forced to defend it.

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But the left-back for Rostov saw it coming again and just like a goalkeeper, he turned so as to defend the goal but not let the ball touch his hands. The ball hit his back and bounced away!

An incredible save that even beats David Luiz’s previous line clearance when he was playing with Brazil at the time. Especially since it helped Rostov win the match which lead to them taking the lead in the Russian Championship.

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