Riyad Mahrez Is Furious After Deontay Wilder Was Flirting With His Wife

A few days before his first fight and they’re already talking about the WBC world champion… in the tabloids in fact. The Sun has recently reported that he might not have been so immune to the charms of Rita Johal, the wife of a certain Riyad Mahrez.

‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, wife or possessions’ as the tenth commandment says… but as it turns out, some people sometimes find it hard to respect this rule, even some celebrities.

A certain ‘chemistry’ between Wilder and Rita Johal

Quite often, night clubs end up being good places to meet new people, but the last time Deontay Wilder went to a nightclub ended up being quite worrying for some. Fond of scoops and other scandals like this, The Sun has revealed that the boxer apparently spent the whole night flirting with Rita Johal, the wife of footballer Riyad Mahrez. When the two met at Liv, a trendy nightclub in Manchester, sources have revealed that they spent quite a large part of the night together.

‘Htaylor – Mahrez’s girlfriend cheated on him with the boxer Wilder. Mentally speaking, being a footballer might not be so easy’

And we might not have heard about this at all if one of Riyad Mahrez’ sisters, who was also at Liv, hadn’t gone looking for the young woman to get her away from the American boxer. Especially since Rita Johal apparently didn’t appreciate this interruption and insisted on staying with him. And to top everything off, sources have even revealed to The Sun that ‘there was chemistry there and a real connection.’

Are we heading towards a fight between Mahrez and Wilder?

Despite insistences from Deontay Wilder, the story reported by The Sun doesn’t explain what happened during the rest of the night. But one thing is for sure, Riyad Mahrez definitely won’t be too happy about it. Married to Rita Johal since 2015 who he now has two children with, the Manchester City player obviously found out about the night in question… the next morning. And all we can say is that he wasn’t too pleased.

‘Splendid Stan – Riyad Mahrez when he calls out Deontay Wilder for sleeping with his wife’

According to some sources, the footballer was shocked and also really annoyed about the fact that the two exchanged phone numbers. As for the WBC world champion, he is a father to four children and engaged to Telli Swift, a very well-known American TV personality. He is also expected to fight in the ring on 23rd November at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for a rematch against Luis Ortiz before his long-awaited rematch in 2020 against Tyson Fury.

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