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N'Golo Kanté Missed His Train Home To Paris After Chelsea v Cardiff So Decided To Spend His Evening In A Surprising Way

The darling of fans of the football world, N'Golo Kanté is the midfielder for Chelsea and World Champion. Cheerful, unassuming and humble, N'Golo Kanté is an exemplary player both on the field and off. The proof comes in this story of what happened after his victory against Cardiff City.

On the 5th day of play of the Premier League, Maurizio Sarri's men traveled to promoted Cardiff’s home turf. The Londoners easily imposed themselves thanks to Eden Hazard’s three goals.

Following the match N'Golo Kanté was set to return to Paris, but everything did not go as planned as he missed his train. To pass the time, he searched for the nearest mosque to go and pray. A small group of fans recognised the midfielder and invited him to dine with them. Easygoing and accessible, it's only natural that the world champion accepted and went to one of their homes. Between eating in front of the TV and playing Fifa, the Blues player did not have any chance to get bored.

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One of the fans posted a photo on social networks with Kanté. He added that he is ‘the true definition of humility.’ The photo went viral on the web and will not fail to raise the popularity a little more, if that is still possible, of the Frenchman.

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