Man City’s Kyle Walker Invited Two Prostitutes to His Home Despite the Lockdown

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker is at the centre of a controversy after inviting two prostitutes to his home despite the quarantine. Some people living it up apparently.

Kyle Walker under fire

Last week, The Sun revealed that Manchester City defender Kyle Walker had invited two escorts to come to his home to spend the evening with him and one of his friends. This rumour was then confirmed, forcing the English footballer to make a public apology:

I understand that my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model. As such, I want to apologise to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down. There are heroes out there making a vital difference to society at the moment, and I have been keen to help support and highlight their amazing sacrifices and life-saving work over the past week. My actions in this matter are in direct contrast to what I should have been doing regarding the lockdown. And I want to re-iterate the message: stay home, stay safe.

The player’s apologies fell a bit flat since before the affair went public, Kyle Walker had already asked all his fellow citizens to take no risks and to respect the rules put in place regarding confinement. Manchester City have announced that their player will be heavily sanctioned for his actions. Walker could, therefore, face a fine of at least £250,000.

One of the two escorts, Louise McNamara, told The Sun:

Kyle really should know better. On the one hand, he’s inviting strangers round to his house for sex, and the next day he’s lecturing everyone on the need to stay safe.

Well, as long as they practised social distancing it should be fine, right?

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