José Mourinho Had The Most Shocking Reaction To Ronaldo Scoring A Hat Trick

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Emmanuel Adebayor talked about how angry Mourinho was in the dressing room, particularly against Cristiano Ronaldo, after he had just scored a hat-trick!

José Mourinho is a coach like no other. He owes his reputation as much to his victories as to his different kind of culture. His players know this, especially since are witness to the Portuguese technician's eccentricities in the dressing room.

Emmanuel Adebayor, who met José Mourinho during his time at Real Madrid during the 2010 - 2011 season, told an astonishing (or not so astonishing) locker room anecdote to The Daily Mail: ‘At Real, we were up 3-0 at half-time. He (Mourinho) came into the locker room and went crazy. He hit the fridge, kicked the television and threw water around. He could have killed everyone. I remember him laying into Cristiano Ronaldo even though he had just scored a hat-trick. He said, "Everyone says you're the best in the world, but you play badly. Show me you're the best.” Ronaldo may have scored a hat-trick, but he was talking about the goal he missed.’

This kind of anecdote proves that José Mourinho really is more comfortable with reproaches than compliments, and all the players who have been through his dressing rooms certainly know it…

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