Jack Grealish has been banned from driving and receives hefty fine

Jack Grealish just received an £82,000 fine for a car accident that occurred in March.

It's not uncommon for football players to make headlines for reasons unrelated to their footwork, and Jack Grealish is one of those players.

Jack Grealish, a star player at Aston Villa

English football is full of talent, but some players are talked about for their achievements off the field, too. For instance, David Beckham made the front page of British tabloids after a sex scandal. John Terry, the legendary Chelsea Blues defender, also made headlines for being involved in an affair. More recently, several other players' names were on everyone's lips because they were unable to manage their finances after their football careers ended and went bankrupt. International football star Jack Grealish, who plays at Aston Villa and is a favourite this year, isn't one of them, though.

Sentenced to pay an £82,000 fine

25-year-old Jack Grealish has a bright future ahead of him. In fact, earlier this year, he was called up to the England senior. But the young midfielder recently got in trouble with the law. During the lockdown, last March, the player got behind the wheel of his car pissed drunk. He later lost control of his Range Rover and, similarly to Mario Balotelli's car accident, crashed into two vehicles. In October, Grealish was also caught speeding–he was driving over 140 km/h! Just this week, he was sentenced to pay an £82,000 fine for violating health protocol, driving under the influence, and speeding. His driver's license was immediately revoked.

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